Why LiveHealthyAndWell

Living healthy should not be a goal but a necessity.

Hello, I am Adrian K. and I live in one of the most beautiful European capitals, Bucharest.

I am a professional cameraman on a national broadcasting television and I am licensed in music and software development. No, I don’t have medical training, I’m not even a dietitian or fitness trainer. But I’m passionate about health&fitness and more important I speak from my own experiences.


Two years ago my father, a retired mechanical engineer age 75, was diagnosed with prostate cancer after a routine medical control. He repeated tests in another two cabinets but the results are identical. Needless to say that the whole family was devastated.

Surgery was not an option and chemotherapy, as we all know it has a lot of side effects. So he decided to completely change his lifestyle.

He ceased to smoke, drink alcohol and eats pork and chicken meat. He purchased a professional blender and his main daily meal consists of a large smoothie made from a mix of fruits, vegetables, and nuts sometimes with a touch of honey and pollen. After two years of this regime, his tumor index dropped to zero and he feels healthier than ever! Without surgery or chemotherapy!

That led me to think that a moderate and healthy lifestyle can lead to smooth and even avoid many modern diseases and illnesses that unfortunately we are facing nowadays. So I decided to gather information about diets and fitness to show that a healthy lifestyle should enter our daily routine.

And that’s how LiveHealthyAndWell.com was born.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at contact@livehealthyandwell.com

Stay Healthy!