10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Morning Workouts

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Many of us already know that exercise is generally good for the body, however, what is the best period of the day to do it? Should you work out in the morning because it has even more advantages than working out in the mid-day or night?

Even if you are a morning person or go to bed late at night, the latest research in the field shows that morning exercises have many health benefits. One of the most wonderful things about working out in the morning is that you get to skip traffic and go straight to the gym. You’ve also got a few extra minutes to enjoy your morning coffee.

This article looks at some of the health benefits of morning workouts, and explains why you should make time for them, too.

Health benefits of morning workouts

1. Morning workouts are a great way to boost your metabolism

Morning workouts are the perfect way to increase your metabolism, but how? There are some basic principles that you can follow to maximize the effects of your workout. You need to be in a good mood and motivated.

Your body is in a state of adaptation — it will want to burn fat, not carbohydrates for energy. It’s also important that you don’t overdo it. A great way to do this is to exercise before you eat, and if necessary, eat something small and light to get you going.

2. A Morning Routine that Includes Exercise Will Help You to Stay Consistent Throughout the Day

The morning is a great time to get started on the day, and with the sun shining and the temperature rising, it’s a great time to kick-start your fitness routine. If you’re looking for a way to stay consistent throughout the day, using a routine that combines strength training with some cardio might be just what you need.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate your morning exercise routine. For instance, you could head outside early in the morning for a jog and then get back in the house to work up a sweat with some interval training. 

3. Morning Exercise Allows You to Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster

Morning exercise allows you to reach your fitness goals faster by allowing your body to reset and repair itself. The hormone melatonin is released in the darkness of the morning, just as it is released in the darkness of the night, and it helps you fall asleep.

When you wake up, your internal clock catches up with the release of melatonin and allows you to achieve a state of wakefulness that lasts for 24 hours. This allows for the release of other hormones as well that support fat-burning in the morning. This is why choosing morning as best time to exercise is so important for achieving your weight loss goal and ultimately, a healthy lifestyle.

4. Morning Exercise is a Great Way to Start the Day and Provide You with Mental and Physical Energy

Movement is a great source of energy, something that we need when starting the day. Besides, working out in the morning was proven to enhance mental abilities and concentration throughout the day. Not only will you have more energy and feel more vigorous after training, but your mind will be ready to cope with all the tasks you have to perform that day. 

This state of well-being can be maintained for the rest of the day. This effect is called post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) and it’s well known in sports circles. Many studies have been conducted on how long EPOC persists, but the consensus is that you can expect to burn an extra 150 calories (for a total of 500) in the 24 hours after a workout session.

5. Early Morning Workouts Can Help You Develop Better Self-Discipline

Needless to say, waking up early in the morning to workout involves strong personal discipline. And although it can be difficult at first, developing a discipline to wake up daily early in the morning to exercise becomes a routine over time.

The most important thing is the discipline that you have created will be reflected as well on other aspects of your everyday life. Not only that but, if you have found the strength to exercise every morning, associating this with a healthier diet, for example, makes it a powerful combination.

6. An exercise routine in the morning can help you sleep better at night

You may not have thought but waking up early in the morning for a good workout will make you get a better night’s sleep. By practicing early in the morning you will improve not only the duration of sleep but also its quality, stimulating deeper sleep cycles. 

A study done by the American College of Sports Medicine concluded that the more intense your workout is, the faster it may lead to a better deep sleep.

7. Early Morning Exercises Reduce Diabetes Risk

Diabetes is a chronic disease that can lead to serious health consequences. One of the most important ways to limit the risk of diabetes is by exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet.

A recent study results were clear– taking a brisk walk every morning reduced the risk of diabetes by a remarkable 73%. Walking was the most effective way to prevent diabetes, with an additional 36% reduction of risk seen by walking in the morning.

Researchers at the University of Southern Denmark have found that people who exercise early in the morning are less likely to develop diabetes. The study involved 2,349 participants recruited from the general population and followed for a mean duration of 10 years. Those who exercised between 6 and 9 am had a 31 percent lower diabetes risk than those who did not partake in any exercise during this time.

8. Morning Workouts Reduce Blood Pressure

One of the benefits of morning workouts is that it can dramatically lower blood pressure. A 2011 study of people with hypertension found that exercising at 6:30 a.m. reduced exercise-induced hypertension by up to 47 percent. Researchers theorize that this is due to the circadian rhythm.

Early morning exercise allows you to get your workout in while your body is most relaxed and your hypertension is at its lowest. And since you have more time, you can work out for longer. You can also take the opportunity to combine a 30-minute cardio workout with strength training.

9. Regular Morning Workouts Provides a Better Appetite Control

It’s a proven fact that exercising on an empty stomach will help make sure you’re not hungry before you eat, and will help you feel full and satisfied with every bite of food you eat after that. The exercise itself will also provide the same benefits in the form of increased heart rate and blood pressure. But it can also help to control your appetite/ manage your weight if you work out regularly, especially in the early morning.

10. The most important benefits of morning workouts is stress reduction

Morning workouts can be a great stress-relieving activity, and that is why I suggest starting a morning workout routine. However, despite the health benefits of morning workouts, there is little evidence to show that they actually work as well as other forms of exercise.

It was only in the 1970s that the original studies were done on the effectiveness of regular exercise during the day. The results showed that the benefits of morning workouts would be to reduce stress, a lower blood pressure, and decreased heart rate. A study published at a university in Melbourne, Australia showed that morning workouts may be even more effective than evening workouts.


Morning workouts, or morning exercise routines, have become increasingly popular in the past decade. If your daily schedule allows it, the health benefits of morning workouts will be obvious. But what is the best time to exercise in the morning? It seems that best time of day would be 6am.

Nevertheless, waking up at 6am and exercising first thing can be challenging. Early workouts at 6am may be more beneficial for fat loss than exercising in the evening, according to a study published in 2019 by International Journal of Obesity.

Even without working out, as long as you stick to a healthy diet and sleep well, you will feel much better than if you are tired all the time. As you can see, taking good care of your body is important for overall well-being. With these steps you can get started on a healthier life path that will put you in the best condition to achieve any goal you want.

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